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 Final Fantasy VII
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Enemy Skills List

* = Enemy can be manipulated to learn the skill, but it is not required.
** = Enemy must be manipulated to learn the skill.
*** = Enemy cannot be manipulated, or can be manipulated, but doesn't have skill on its list.

NOTE: Trine is only tought by three enemies and they are all one time only. Also, Pandora's Box is only cast one time.

Enemy Skill Name Star # MP Cost Learn From Location
???? 17 3 Jersey***
Shinra Mansion
Sector 8 (Disc 2)
Angel Whisper 6 50 Pollensalta** Northern Cave
Aqualung 14 34 Harpy**
Jenova LIFE*** (Boss)
Corel Prison/Corel Area Chocobo Tracks
Ancient Capital
Crashed Gelnika - Cargo Room
Bad Breath 12 58 Marlboro*** Gaea's Cliff (Snowy Areas)/Northern Cave
Beta 13 35 Midgar Zolom*** Grasslands Area Marsh
Big Guard 5 56 Beach Plug** Gongaga/Corel Area Shoreline
Chocobuckle 19 3 L16 Chocobo***
L36 Chocobo***
Chocobo Ranch area (Chocobo Tracks)
Mideel Area (Chocobo Tracks)
Death Force 8 3 Adamantaimai** Wutai Shoreline
Death Sentence 21 10 Sneaky Step***
Gi Specter***
Bound Fat**
Cave of the Gi
Cave of the Gi
Corel Valley
Dragon Force 7 19 Dark Dragon** Northern Cave
Flame Thrower 9 10 Arkdragon*
Mythril Mine
Mt. Nibel
Frog Song 1 5 Touch Me*
Toxic Frog*
Gongaga Area Forests
Temple of the Ancients
Northern Cave
Goblin Punch 18 0 Goblin* Goblin Island
L4 Suicide 2 10 Mu***
Grasslands Area
Forgotten City/Icicle Area
L5 Death 20 22 Parasite** Northern Cave
Laser 10 16 Death Claw*
Dark Dragon**
Corel Prison
Northern Cave
Magic Breath 16 75 Stilva*
Inside Gaea's Cliff
Inside Northern Cave
Magic Hammer 3 3 Razor Weed** Wutai Area
Matra Magic 11 8 Custom Sweeper*
Death Machine*
Midgar Area
Corel Prison
Junon Path
Pandora's Box 24 110 Dragon Zombie*** Northern Cave
Roulette 22 6 Death Dealer*** Northern Cave
Shadow Flare 23 100 Ultima Weapon*** (Boss)
Ruby Weapon*** (Boss)
Dragon Zombie***
Safer Sephiroth*** (Boss)
Near Cosmo Canyon
Corel Desert
Northern Cave
Northern Cave
Trine 15 20 Materia Keeper*** (Boss)
Godo*** (Boss)
Mt. Nibel
Wutai Pagoda
Inside Gaea's Cliff
White Wind 4 34 Zemzelett**
Wind Wing***
Junon Area
Whirlwind Maze

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